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Gothuruth is a small Island in the river Periyar with a length of 3km and an average width of 1km and history of 600 years. Gothuruth can say such delicious stories about culture, tradition and life style of people who are living and lived. More than 1500 families and 7500 people are living in this Island. Roman Catholic Christians constitute nearly 98% of the total population. It is very difficult to find such a lovely Island or a village in this world. That is the exemption of Gothuruth. Festivals are part and parcel of the people of Gothuruth, so it is known as AN ISLAND OF FESTIVALS.

Culture, Tradition, Big Prides such as Churches, Old Schools, Boat Race (Vallamkali) which covers 75 years and recently started two other Boat Races, Chavittunadakam (A pure classical musical dancing drama ? Stamping Drama) are the asset of Gothuruth.

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Gothuruth Muziris Heritage Development and Charitable Society (ER. 620/11) is socially a very progressive society. This Society is registered under the Charitable Act and it is running under the leadership of Executive Committee Members which includes President, Secretary Treasurer etc. who are selected periodically by the members of the Society. This Society formed for the over-all development of the people of Gothuruth and thereby crystallizing an egalitarian society in the soil of Kerala. The members of this Society are the people of the Island itself. Since 2009 onwards, the Society focuses on permeating its footprints across the world with more and more plans and policies in its vision and mission. The efforts which we have undertaken as yet, are helped us to make an imprint in the Kerala Tourism Map and Muziris Circuit. The Office of the Society is being located at the Heart of Gothuruth itself for its smooth and transparent functioning.